Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Things I like to love

Cath Kidston
Vegetable patches
Home-made products
Lady surfers
Chilling out
With amazing board bags.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Ten pounds heavier. Twenty thousand pounds poorer

University. Ten pounds heavier. Twenty thousand pounds poorer. Yet totally worth it.

I was told:
"You make friends for life at university" How right they were.

Admittedly it wasn't always fun. Apart from having to pull all-nighters from the stupidity of "leaving things to the last minute". The relentless non-stop partying gave me, (on several occasions) sever tonsillitis, constant hangovers and in total five trips to the local hospital. However, even though I put my poor body through complete and utter hell; these so- called life experiences have made me slightly wiser, gave me best friends and a bachelors degree... which some day I hope to use.

Ironically, before I decided to plunge myself into twenty thousand pounds worth of debt just to gain a certificate, I worked in a phone shop earning a lovely 20k a year. Now, after attaining a bachelors degree, I work in a phone shop earning around 12k a year. Ironic? Yes. Sense of achievement? Nope!

However, things do not seem that bad. Currently I'm living in Newquay and get to surf pretty much every day. I'm happy, healthy and am gaining a small nest egg ready for my undecided future... Whatever that may be..